MSW Global is a Marketing and Public Relations company that is very much focused in the Education Industry in Indonesia. We assist in overseas or local institutions’ needs in Social Media, Community Building, Direct Marketing, product launches, and Events.

Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, we work with clients ranging from large corporations to small businesses and firms, non-profit organizations, public figures, as well as governmental institutions.

MSW Global aims to be clients’ right partner to achieve their marketing needs in Community buildling, Media Coverage, Social Media and Events Management.

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What We Can Do

Organizations who want to have a strong growth and lasting impact should be serious in their long term marketing and public relations plans. It is fundamental in the investment of sound strategies. The key is finding a person/organization who understants your business and help you achieve. MSW Global can assist organizations in achieving the following objectives:

Generate Awareness

In today's information-driven, multi-channel world, it's tough to get and keep the attention of the people critical to your success. MSW Global can help you grab audience attention across various channels.

Build Loyal Following

MSW Global specializes in building communities that is loyal to the client. We combine the power of story-telling and sophisticated tools and strategies to help strenghten client's visibility with the communities. Retaining existing customers is as important, or more, than finding new ones.

Penetrate New Markets

MSW Global can take your business into new territories or your product to new markets by implementing creative and imaginative thinking that ensure the right message reach the right audience at the right time.

Staying on Top of Markets

Businesses that enter new markets will also need to stay on top of the market to have a lasting impact in their long term plans. MSW Global is able to assist with the right branding strategies and community building management in the marketing plans.

Developed desired Message

MSW Global help clients to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time by integrating various media channels and online media. We help clients to assess competition, identity key audience, create compelling messages, and develop strategies and tactis to make their presence known.