It can’t be denied that Indonesia is a big country of archipelago. The marine area is one of richness for us, of the tourism sector and marine products. This is an opportunity for us as citizens of the Republic of Indonesia to enjoy the underwater beauty of the land owned by us. Therefore we offer a dive, where to carry out these activities there are some things that need our attention. Because it can be said that diving is an activity that is heavily laden with discipline, ethics, knowledge and abilities of the divers.
At the present time, diving is an activity that is much in demand. This activity is a new hobby for the people who loves underwater world. Where these activities can be very safe if every diver always follow the terms and procedures. Many divers who already have the experience and the opportunity to go down to the bottom of the sea, they say that they are entering a different dimension of the world when they dive.

The following training materials will be provided by the ISO:

  1. One full day for the Theory Class
  2. 3x meeting for Class Swimming Practice
  3. Open Sea (Sea Open Practice), the final test to get a license

Therefore, MSW Global provides an opportunity for you who want to try diving to enroll immediately.
Contact Number: 021-29319384 (Gladies)
Contact Email: gladies@msw-global.com