MSW Global believes in two-way communication between client organizations and the target markets that they operate in. We work with clients to ensure their active participation within greater community building in order to establish bridges between the organization and its many stakeholders. MSW Global helps Clients to penetrate the below market:
  • Schools and Universities
  • Communities, Groups and Associations
  • Corporations and NGOs
  • Government institutions
This can be achieved by developing and implementing community outreach programs including social and community awareness approaches. We work with client to promote its organization’s image in a positive and community-oriented way. Market Development Activities include:
  • Organize visits and presentations to key clients (schools, universities, corporations, communities, etc)
  • Identify key influencers (counselors, student councils, parents’ association, corporate executives, government officials, etc)
  • Develop and build database of key influencers and target clients (schools, students/parents, companies, communities etc)
  • Schedule face-to-face briefing/interviews with key clients.
  • Research and identify industry opportunities, competition, etc.
  • Customer Relationship Management: frequent follow ups and relationship maintenance.
And many more...