MSW Global is experienced and well-connected in media, and also our team of experts is able to find what stories journalists and editors are looking for and how to maximize client’s news. We help clients to moderate communications between the organization and various media outlets such as newspapers, radio stations and televisions. With our extensive contacts in the media industry, MSW Global will be able to get client’s newsworthy stories into the right audiences through the media channels that we have in store. Media Relations activities include:
  • Press Releases
  • Press Tours
  • Press Conference
  • Develop/review/suggest key messages for consistency among all media and collateral materials.
  • Identify and qualify targeted customers and/or partners to be used in media. (Print, TV or Online)
  • Develop/review/suggest trend-pitching stories. (Print, TV or Online)
  • Research, identify and propose editorial opportunities
  • Identify most suitable advertising outlets for client
And many more...