University Name Description % Country
Universitas Surabaya A university in Surabaya , East Java . UBAYA is the successor of Surabaya Trisakti University were established in 1966 . Was renamed the University of Surabaya in 1968 . Today so UBAYA set on March 11 , 1968. The university has three campuses, one located in Ngagel campus, the campus is in Rungkut 2, and 3 are in Trawas campus 20 Singapore, USA
Universitas Ciputra This university was founded within CitraRaya Surabaya. It is the first academic institution focusing on entrepreneurial education in Indonesia. Eventually, graduates from Ciputra University are expected to be independent and highly-skilled individuals armed with an entrepreneurial spirit, paving his/her own way in becoming successful entrepreneurs. 10 USA, UK
Universitas Pelita Harapan Surabaya TThe sister school of UPH in Jakarta. Considered as the good university with international standard in Surabaya 20 USA, Australia
Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 A private university in Surabaya , Indonesia which was established in August 17 ??1958 . 15 UK, USA
Universitas Dr Soetomo A private university in Surabaya , Indonesia , which was established in 1981. Built and dedicated for Dr Soetomo as the founder 15 USA, Singapore
Universitas Airlangga A fairly well-known university in Surabaya, which was established on 10 November 1954. Has 13 faculty that are placed on 3 separate campuses. 10 USA, Australia, UK
Universitas Katolik Widya Mandala “A life-improving University”. learning process on campus which always prioritize development program alternative learning, leadership learning, workplace learning, creativity learning, learning to serve, learning to care, dan learning across cultures, for preparing students to become global citizens. 20 USA, UK
Universitas Wijaya Kusuma One private university in Surabaya, which was established in June 19, 1981. Faculty consists of its faculties of engineering, agriculture, law, economics, social science and political science, languages ??and science, and medicine. 20 Singapore, USA
Universitas Kristen Petra Currently Petra has a student body of about 10,000 people from various regions in Indonesia. Consists of 6 faculties: Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Art & Design, and the Faculty of Communication Sciences. 20 USA, Australia
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November A public university located in Surabaya. Institute of Technology is one of the largest technical universities in Indonesia, which is one of the leading center of science and technology in Indonesia. 20 UK, Germany