School Name Description Total Student % Country
10th 11th 12th
SMA Methodist 1 SMA Methodist 1 is one of top schools in Medan. Located at Jalan Hang Tuah 4 No. 82 232 217 208 15% Singapore, China, USA, Australia, UK, Japan, Korea
Medan International School Medan International School (MIS), is an international school in Medan, Indonesia. Founded in 1969, it is the first international school in Medan. 35 17 7 90% USA, Australia, Canada
Prime One School Prime One is one of best school in Medan with national plus curriculum. 107 98 117 30% USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia
SMA Sutomo 1 SMA Sutomo 1 is considered as one of best national school in Medan. It was established in 1958. 1098 1128 1154 30% Singapore, China, USA, Australia, UK, Japan, Korea
SMA Sutomo 2 SMA Sutomo 2 is the sister school of SMA Sutomo 1 221 226 256 10% Singapore, Malaysia, China
SMA Budi Murni SMA Budi Murni is a National school in Medan with Catholic based 165 167 154 10% Singapore, China, Taiwan
SMA Jenderal Sudirman SMA Jenderal Sudirman is one of the oldest high school in Medan 96 123 115 10% Singapore, Malaysia, USA
SMA Santa Maria SMA Santa Maria is a Catholic school located in the heart of Medan city 96 103 102 20% Singapore, China
SMA Santo Paulus SMA Santo Paulus is national school in Medan. It is Catholic school 67 76 63 10% Singapore
Singapore International School Medan SIS Medan is one of International School in Medan 32 16 8 80% Singapore, Australia
SMA Budi Luhur SMA Budi Luhur is a national plus high school in Medan 88 76 66 15% China, Malaysia, Singapore
SMA Dharma Bakti SMA Dharma Bakti is high school consists of kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school and vocational Plus. Located in Medan 106 122 123 10% Singapore
SMA Trisakti SMA Trisakti is one of Catholic schools in Medan 98 101 112 20% Singapore, Taiwan
SMA Yos Sudarso SMA Yos Sudarso is a national plus high school in Medan 121 133 127 20% China, Singapore
SMA Sriwijaya SMA Sriwijaya is one of top high schools in Medan 156 163 144 10% Singapore, Australia